A Few Of My Favorite Things For November

These are a few of my favorite things, lalaala. 🙂 So, I have quite a few blog posts planned for the next few weeks. I am going to try to break them up with some lighter topics like this. I’m not sure what the other “lighter” topics will be, but this one sounded pretty good. So here we go! Here’s a list of my current favorite things! In no particular order…

  1. Butt Paste – The name says it all! This stuff is fantastic! My boys are generally not prone to diaper rashes, but when they do get one it’s not at all good. I put this on as soon as they’re clean and by the next diaper change I can already tell a difference! Amazing. Get it. http://a.co/5ZqvPoo
  2. Hoover Floor Vacuum – I have 4 pets at home: 2 dogs, 2 cats. With the amount of fur that collects around here I could make 4 more! I probably shouldn’t mention that… Anyway! This thing is a life saver. Before, I would sweep everything – which meant that I had fur flying all over the place. The fur would get stuck on the broom, or I would have a hard time actually trying to keep the fur together to sweep it up and throw it away. My new best friend. Amazing. Get it. http://a.co/gXHW0HR
  3. Puzzles – This cube puzzle from Melissa & Doug has been great! Jacob loves to figure out the puzzle itself and the twins love to stack the cubes on top of each other. Win, win! http://a.co/ck8Ut8F
  4. Super Simple Songs YouTube – There are so many videos that you could play this in the background ALL DAY. I have. For multiple days in a row. (I’ll stab myself if i have to do that again. Jk, Kinda…) It’s educational and fun for all ages. Jacob loves this channel, clearly. https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperSimpleSongs
  5. Blender Recipes – Things like muffins and pancakes, so easy! All the ingredients go into the blender, blend, pour, bake, done! Very little clean-up, usually minimal ingredients. I love time savers like this. Here’s one of our favorites. http://www.wellplated.com/banana-oatmeal-muffins/
  6. Coconut coffee – I buy mine at Costco but it’s another quick and easy food item for me. When the twins are awake – and I don’t want to spend time making a real cup of coffee – I just turn my electric kettle on, wrangle the kiddos, grab a cup, pour a few tablespoons in, pour my water in and done! It has a perk too! I swear that this stuff has made my nails and hair so much stronger and healthier! Good stuff. Get it. http://a.co/5VxH97k
  7. Quiet time! – These keep getting few-er and far between-er (not proper english, i know!). I luxuriate in it each time I manage to grab some! These days they last at least an hour. So, I’ll do a long bath, straighten my hair, put a mask on, or whatever pampering I feel I need to keep me sane. Forget trying to clean or do chores. Take care of yourself. Your sanity is what keeps everyone else sane, trust me.
  8. Colder days – I love fall. It means warm house, baking and holidays, but also shoveling snow and negative degree weather, bleh. However, the reason colder days are a favorite is because SNUGGLES ALL THE TIME. I have an excuse to make hot drinks – which means I have someone requesting my love (or the hot chocolate) at all times. I soak it up.
  9. Naps – Not for the kids but naps for me! Usually on a weekend when my husband is home and I’ve run out of gas from running around with the kids all week. I’ll grab my favorite blanket and stick my thumb in my mouth and go snuggle myself to sleep. Leave the hubs to the chaos. He can deal; they’re his too.
  10. Music – Growing up in my house meant that on Saturdays my mom would blast the Spanish music and that was our cue to start cleaning! It was her way to keep her focus. Nowadays I play music at home (loudly) almost every day. It helps me calm my mood when I need it. There’s the added bonus that it helps me focus when I need it. Though, the best part is that it helps me groove in the kitchen at dinner time. Especially when I really don’t feel like cooking. It really is a mood swinger for me. I love it.

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