Some Things I learned On My Journey To Turning 30

I turned 30 today. Holy shit. Surprisingly, I’m not upset. Thankfully, I’m not stressed out about it either. Things only get better from here on out. Don’t be afraid – I know there are more of you out there turning 30 this year. It doesn’t mean you’re getting older it simply means you are getting wiser. Just take a look at all the things I’ve learned and gained while growing into adulthood. Then you can contemplate your own stuff – I’m positive there will be some great stuff in there.

  • Somewhere in my late 20s, I managed to pick up three kids – just all of a sudden I came home, and they were there. WTF. (Kidding.) (I already had Denise, so she doesn’t count. :P)
  • I LOVE lavender. Give me ALL the lavender. Give me ALL the things that have lavender in them. (I don’t care that it gives my husband headaches. I enjoy life’s simple pleasures, maybe when he’s not around…)
  • There was this time I went to the grocery store without any makeup on. I didn’t realize it until I was there. I did realize that I didn’t care. My husband still loves me, so, there. (Ha! Unintentional rhyming, love it!)
  • I also gave up shaving over the winter. Again, my husband still loves me. Most importantly, I still love me. Men keep their beards over the winter, so…
  • I am highly interested in politics. However, I am terrible at remembering the name of that senator that I am fond of or don’t like… Regardless, (LOL) I try my best to stay informed as best I can. I try to do my research when it comes to where I’m getting my stories from, and then I discuss what I learn with all the people I can – mostly my husband.
  • When I want to talk about an article I read on a news site I refer to it as “that article I read somewhere,” “it was about some guy,” “it was about some corporation,” “yeah it’s total bullshit.” Stupid details, like the name of the guy the article is about, always elude me (usually not relevant anyway). I know this makes me a pleasure to talk with – not.
  • I’m one of those people that don’t say anything unless I have something important to say. I used to think this was because I was shy, but now I know that I don’t want to contribute to a conversation unless it’s necessary. Sometimes it means I don’t say a word for most of a conversation (with multiple people) and sometimes it means I don’t shut up.
  • Give me all the dark chocolate. The darker, the better. I used to love milk chocolate – what was wrong with me?
  • Music is life. (Maybe I’ll make a Spotify playlist?)
  • Reading is life. (Follow me on Goodreads.)
  • No matter how well dressed I am, inevitably there will be a dirty spot on my shirt, my pants, my face, or my shoes because of 3 under 4. And before my current little ones disagreed with my fashion choices by spitting up on them, there was my oldest because she was a toddler too – basically, I’ve spent my entire adult life always covered in crap. (I’ve learned to love it.)
  • One of my personality traits (that I love) is that I am easy going. It doesn’t take much to please me, and I can easily go with the flow of things. Ever since the day I walked into my house and found those three extra kiddos (refer to the first entry above) I’ve become even easier going and can go with the flow even better than ever – I guess kids do teach you stuff, huh?

If you’ve made it this far I suppose I did something right while growing up, right? Because apparently, the things I’ve learned about me up until turning 30 have been somewhat funny and interesting. There’s so much more to this list, but I could go on forever. My intent for the next decade of my life (wow, why does that sound so bad?) is to continue this trend – hopefully learning funny things, hopefully learning things, but definitely, don’t need more kids. Definitely.

I found a few of my diaries the other day. I read the first one which I started in 2007, exactly ten years ago. On the first page is a list of goals that I made for myself. All of them had to do with being financially independent and purchasing items for one of those goals: my first apartment. While I read the list, I had a moment of realization! I met ALL of them.

At the time I wrote them I was still living with my parents, and my job was not well paid, in the least. However, all you had to do was take a look at me, and you would know that this girl was incredibly stressed but incredibly determined. Within one year I paid off my debts (credit cards), I graduated the IT training program I was in, I secured my first well-paid IT job, I moved on up in the world and got my second much better paying IT job, and I got my first apartment. All in one year.

I already wrote my new year “resolutions” post and put it on the blog earlier this week, here, but I want to add an item to it.

This year I want to get back in touch with that girl that I read about in my diary from 2007. The one that knew what she wanted and went out to get it. That girl got shit done. I’ve been so preoccupied with raising my little ones and don’t get me wrong, that had to be my priority – I don’t regret it – but now feels like the right time to put my big girl pants on, check my ovaries, and get my ass in gear.

One of the reasons this blog exists is because I needed a new space for myself. In the process of starting it I’ve learned so many new things – and while I love that I know these things – I’ve loved the process of learning them more. I even have a neat little list in my “to-do” section that includes new topics that I need to research (insert heart squeal here, he he he).

This year I want to take that new bit of learning motivation that I had when I started this blog and introduce it to the girl that I read about in my diary. The idea is that I will take them with me and together I’ll make great things – for me, for this blog, for my family.

I’m taking it to the next level, and I’m going to love it. So, here’s to the next decade of my life! (OK, now it doesn’t sound so bad after all.)



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