Welcoming The New Year – In Memoriam 2016

I intended to post this exactly on new year’s eve, but it just didn’t happen. I even wrote a list of a few of my top grappling issues:

  1. Tackling speech therapy for Jacob’s speech delay
  2. The twins first birthday
  3. Facing rejection from my previous job
  4. Coming to grips with having a middle schooler
  5. Dealing with regrets about my education
  6. The election & immigration issues
  7. Starting the blog

There was so much more I wanted to include but not having completed that post is a perfect example of how the only predictable occurrences in my life are the unpredictable ones.

So, with the little time that I have allotted today to write for you, I’ll write about how I’m sitting at my kitchen table with Jacob on my lap (while he’s watching Wild Kratts on a tablet) recalling all of 2016’s happenstances. There were many happy moments but mostly arduous ones. I’m not complaining. Without those moments I would not appreciate the cheerful ones. Mostly, I want to say I’m going into 2017 with renewed vigor and optimism. And finally, that I will continue to look to the motto on my home page “waking up every day trying to be the best me that I can be”.

Additionally, I want to use this blog to send some vital loving juju into the world. It is my opinion that we’ll need it more than ever this coming year.


To all the people who suffered in the Middle East due to this stupid fucking (undeclared) war: I’m sending some love your way. (And a donation to https://www.whitehelmets.org/en)

To all the LGBTQ+ people who are afraid or angry: I’m sending some love your way.

To all my immigrant families who are scared of what may come: I’m sending some love your way.

To all the families of multiples: I’m sending some love your way.

To YOU my reader, for whatever ailment is tugging at your soul, your heart, or your life: I’m sending some love your way.

There are so many atrocities going on around the world at any given time. I hope my bit of love finds its way to where you need it most.

Finally, I hope we all have the strength and courage to take the new year by the horns and kick its ass. Happy 2017!


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